Imagination: Where the Wild Things Are.

Just look how creative the kids are when stimulated by interesting materials! And the best thing is… that we all have these in our homes or right outside of them. But… how do you present different materials to make creativity soar? Should you involve your kids in gathering them? What materials “go together”? I composedContinue reading “Imagination: Where the Wild Things Are.”

Stories About Great Artists

Recently, I discovered a series of art books for children that I immediately fell in love with. It all started with the book Cezanne and the Apple Boy by Laurence Anholt. Right from the start, I was lost in a delightful story introducing young readers to Pull Cezanne, his life, his ideas, and his paintings.Continue reading “Stories About Great Artists”

Here is why I’m inviting your kids to join my classes on Outschool.

Many parents (and I used to be among them) feel uncomfortable with the idea of young children using Zoom. It’s totally understandable. After all, many parents felt frustrated with their kids’ remote learning due to the pandemic. Also, many would probably agree, that for a young child, learning in-person is best. Nevertheless, as I’ve discoveredContinue reading “Here is why I’m inviting your kids to join my classes on Outschool.”

Summer, Creativity, and Fine Art

What could inspire creativity better than outdoors in summer time? Running on a beach, watching fireflies, smelling wild flowers, or going for a hike, provides our kids with endless opportunities to expend their imagination. Let’s use it to connect with fine art. After all, nature inspired so many great artists. Just choose your favorite onesContinue reading “Summer, Creativity, and Fine Art”

Why “Bother” Exposing Preschoolers to Classical Music and Fine Art?

Many of our likes and dislikes have their origins in childhood. Often, the answer to the question “Why do you like something?” would be “Because I did it (played it, watched it, tried it, saw it, heard it) as a kid.” Our first experiences and early exposures become lifelong preferences.  Some “likes” might grow intoContinue reading “Why “Bother” Exposing Preschoolers to Classical Music and Fine Art?”