Here is why I’m inviting your kids to join my classes on Outschool.

Many parents (and I used to be among them) feel uncomfortable with the idea of young children using Zoom. It’s totally understandable. After all, many parents felt frustrated with their kids’ remote learning due to the pandemic. Also, many would probably agree, that for a young child, learning in-person is best. Nevertheless, as I’ve discovered for the last year and a half, learning specifically on Outschool platform has many benefits. Some of them might not be that obvious to the parents who actually never tried Outschool. So, let me tell you why, as a teacher who works with young children and truly believes in the importance of in-person learning for this age, I still invite your kids to join my classes on Outschool.

  • First and most importantly, Outschool is very safe. In Outschool, students’ security and privacy are at the heart of everything that’s happening there. We, as teachers, undergo thorough background check. In addition to the initial training, teachers are constantly informed and reminded about ways to keep all learners physically and emotionally safe. Before any class could be taught, it’s submitted to be checked for its content’s appropriateness.
  • The variety of Outschool classes is UNBELIVABLE. This is one of the main reasons why parents are attracted to Outschool. There are so many subjects and topics that are taught on this platform for all ages and in so many forms! If you or your child can think about a topic he is interested in, I bet you can find it there. And these are not your typical classes. Among many other forms, you can find pods, tutoring, social clubs, and so much more.
  • You get to meet people from all aver the world! Another thing that makes it very exciting, is recognizing that in the same class you can have learners from all over the world. I got to teach children from Japan, Australia, Korea, Finland, and UK, just to name a few places. What it means for your student, is that he could be exposed to views and ideas of kids raised in very different cultures. How cool is that!

There is much more that you can find out about Outschool on its website including teachers’ expertise and classes’ prices.

Meet me on Outschool!

The variety of classes and topics that one can find on Outschool makes it an ideal place for me to present subjects that are dear to my heart (classical music and fine art) with emphases on what I consider vital for young children (creativity, play, movement, and story telling.) Outschool also allows me to reach your child over Zoom even if I can’t reach her in person. It means she will join me on a journey into the magic worlds where imagination leads the way as we discover famous works of art and classical music. Welcome!

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