Summer, Creativity, and Fine Art

What could inspire creativity better than outdoors in summer time? Running on a beach, watching fireflies, smelling wild flowers, or going for a hike, provides our kids with endless opportunities to expend their imagination. Let’s use it to connect with fine art. After all, nature inspired so many great artists. Just choose your favorite ones and introduce their artworks to your kids. Here are some ideas.

What should you talk about when you show your child a painting? Ask if she likes it. Listen if she has some remarks about it. Talk about colors, shapes, mood of the painting, and the way it makes her feel. Compare the painting with your child’s experience (visiting the beach, etc.) Ask what would she do if she could enter it.

Go Further

Don’t stop at just showing the art and talking about it. Encourage your child to create his own summer art. Don’t worry about it not resembling great masters. The child might borrow ideas and develop them in his own way. Let it be drawing, painting, sculpting, or anything else. Gather with your child real flowers, leaves, beach shells, and other natural materials. Add stickers, play dough, recycling items, etc. Combine variety of materials and let your child create his summer masterpiece.

Find out more about this class and other ones too.

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