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Thanks for your excellent children’s class on Goya.  It was very successful.  I loved the connection you made with the kids and how you shared Goya’s artwork and this time period in Spain through your story.  It was such a nice experience for the children. 
Jeanne Kauffman Head of Children’s Services in Upper Merion Township Library about In Goya’s Kingdom class

This was another super class by teacher Svetlana. What a great way to engage development of the whole child thru movement, listening, discussion, collaboration and working with the hands to tie it all together. The craft could be very simple for the youngest learner or more complicated for the oldest learner. I realized today while listening to the class that teacher Svetlana offers a great way to build empathy in children thru music appreciation. They get to experience the way the season and music makes them feel, the way the main character in the story (a sapling) and other characters feel and this was supported through the movement activities. They got a chance to really listen to the music and enjoy it and then create a physical manifestation that summarized the experience thru the craft. This is brilliant!

Outschool parent about Spring Story With Vivaldi’s Music class

Yet another extraordinary experience with teacher Svetlana, who nurtures independence and motivates thinking process in young learners with the help of immortal Masterpieces that she carefully crafts into her each class story and so it is never the same, yet connected with the child’s view of understanding and vision of things. During her classes our daughter actively participated in discussions about art, paintings, nature, colors, seasons and creative storytelling. At the end of each class is a very complex and well-designed activity that requires to have most of the listed ingredients, that young children incorporate and mix into own form of expressive art, that follows previously discussed topic. Very complex and elegant class that surely will benefit your child’s knowledge about Art and boost creative imagination. Our 5 years old highly recommends this class 🙂
Outschool parent about Fall in Love With Fall Paintings class

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