Stories About Great Artists

Recently, I discovered a series of art books for children that I immediately fell in love with. It all started with the book Cezanne and the Apple Boy by Laurence Anholt. Right from the start, I was lost in a delightful story introducing young readers to Pull Cezanne, his life, his ideas, and his paintings.

Then, I remembered that some time ago I read a book with similar illustrations. And it was also about great artist: Picasso. And the book used similar simple and friendly story introducing kids to the artist, real events and people in his life, his ideas, and his art.

It must be a series, I thought. And what an awesome series too! I found other Anholt’s books about artists:

They could be used to introduce young kids to the number of famous artists! The only thing, I though, I would supplement each story with reproductions and photographs of the artworks.

I felt I must share this series with adults who are on the lookout for awesome art books. I hope you and your young art lovers enjoy it as much as I do. And, by the way, check out your local library first. That’s where I find my treasures!

For Creativity Classes Inspired by Fine Art check out this series of ongoing classes on Outschool. All classes include stories and crafts. All classes are for ages 4-7.

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