Inspire With a Story

Tell Them (or Retell) a Story

Have you recently told your child a bedtime story? A going-for-a-walk-time story? A having-breakfast-together-time story? A waiting-for-a-doctor’s-appointment-time story?

The truth is, there is no wrong time to tell child a story. Especially, when it comes to retelling stories. Yes, telling family stories is great. But I want to talk about retelling children stories, fairy tales, or even stories for older kids that you don’t think your child is quite ready to read yet.

You may ask why bother if you could just read her a book. Here is an excellent article that addresses just that issue. While article talks about teachers, the parent (or grandparent) can, absolutely, do the same. In fact, it might help to establish an additional bond between a child and adult. Since you are the one who knows your kid the best, you can adopt a story to make it a little less scary, a little funnier, or just add or omit some details. This way the story becomes so much more special: it’s designed by you with you child in mind.

It’s okay if you are not comfortable in retelling stories at first. Choose something simple, with repetitive story line, like The Gingerbread Man. By the way, many folktales have repetitive story lines. Make it personal, make it fun, and include your child in this process. Say together, “You can’t catch me. I’m the Gingerbread Man!” It doesn’t have to be a new story either, it just have to be FUN!

What Message Retelling is Sending

Among other benefits, retelling creates a family tradition of story sharing. As child grows older and sees retelling as a natural thing to do, he starts retelling stories too. This is a great way to practice so many important skills: vocabulary words, speaking in front of audience, and using imagination, just to name a few.

So, don’t wait for the bedtime. Retell story anytime!

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