Inspire Creativity With Materials

It’s the most wonderful time of the year to stock up on
amazing art supplies available right there in your house!

All this wrapping and unwrapping of presents brings into the house shiny, colorful paper that is perfect for crafts. Just cut the most beautiful ones into storable sizes and keep it for crafts. Alternatively, cut out fun patterns and let your kids glue them to decorate items of their choosing.

I love tissue paper, especially, the colorful one! The best part is that it could be wrinkled and even ripped a little and still be used in variety of art projects. Just smooth it again, crumple, or tear for the most ingenious results.

Throwing away bows and colorful ribbons left after opening the gifts should be a big no-no. Not only they can be reused for future gifts, but they are fun to use in art projects. And if you are not sure how, just give them to your children: they will come up with ideas!

I LOVE inspiring kids’ creativity with materials that surround them both inside and outside. I created classes to do just that! They are available online only for Outschool students. Click on the picture to learn more about them.

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